There are many roles that various members of St Martins perform in the weekly round of running the church. We have a rota, produced every three months, which shows the weekly Themes, Readings and who is assigned to which roles. The roles cover:

  • Reading (Old testament and Epistles)
  • Gospel (reading the specified passage for the Sunday)
  • Prayers(providing the intersessions)
  • Baking (providing communion bread)
  • Loop (setting up audio equipment for the service)
  • Welcomer (meeting people and issuing book for service)
  • Counting collection
  • Preparing and serving tea at end of service
  • Running and helping with Children’s Church
  • Serving tea and bicuits

To see the rota please click the link below:

There is a separate rota for those who clean the worship area during the week, in preparation for the Sunday Service.

To see the cleaning rota please click the link below

We have a choir which sings on Sundays and for festivals. They work with our organist Chris Johnson. If you would like further details of the choir, please contact us