Lent Resource

Ash Wednesday 17 February

Zoom service Starting at 7pm. Use the invitation link on the Services Page to join Zoom meeting.

Lent Discussion group Wednesday evening 7pm starting 24th February. Use the invitation link on the Services Page to join the discussions.

Topic: Brian McLaren’s book “The Great Spiritual Migration” (Second hand copies available on ABEBooks.uk cheaply )

Lent Retreat, Ignatian Spirituality Centre 
We are turning our thoughts to Lent, which is fairly early this year, beginning on the 17th February. This year’s Lent retreat is focussing on the person of Jesus Christ.  What sort of person was he and how did people react to him? Each day we have a picture to reflect upon, many specially commissioned for this retreat. We offer Scripture from the life of Jesus, a reflection and a piece of music via YouTube.  Hopefully there will be something for everyone. We are also hoping to have the retreat in the form of an App for your mobile as well as on a website.
Weekly topics include:

  • Jesus, his prayer and the Father
  • Jesus’ Family and Friends
  • Jesus’ Teachings
  • Jesus reaches out to the needy
  • The emotional Jesus
  • Jesus under Attack
  • The Resurrected Jesus

The retreat for 2021 is from Ash Wednesday, 17th February to Easter Sunday, 4th April. https://www.iscglasgow.co.uk/lent2021.html